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Rick Rack, Rick Rack!

I used the Oliver and S pattern pinwheel dress and tunic to make this cute fall outfit. For this garment I chose the top length and added a pair of pants. The pants pattern is Parkers Pants by Childrens Corner. The fabrics are from Fabric Finders and are listed on the website as well as the patterns. If you like, you can just send a message letting us know the size you need and we can put together a kit for you. This will make a cute outfit for the upcoming fall season.

serged edge.jpgI want to show you a neat technique for attaching rick rack to the edge. This is so easy to do and allows the rick rack points to sort of "float" so you get a good amount of color at the edge.

The first step is to serge the edge where you want to apply the rick rack. If you do not have a serger, just use a zig zag stitch. If you use zig zag you need to be sure the right side of the stitch goes just into the edge and not over the edge. If it goes over the edge, it will roll the fabric and not lay flat. Some machines have a foot with a small bar that is called an overcast foot. This foot will work well because it will prevent the fabric edge from rolling.

rick rack placement.jpgTake your piece of rick rack and lay it on the fabric right sides together so that the points of one side of the rick rack are just at the edge of the serging. You can use basting glue to help hold the rick rack in place as you stitch.

rick rack stitched.jpgStitch the rick rack to the fabric just catching the points. If you are stitching on a cuved edge as I am be sure and do not pull on the rick rack. It will turn out prettier if you gently push it forward just a little as you sew. You will want it to still lay flat as you stitch. You may find this is easier to do with an edgestitch foot if you have one for your machine. As you can see the stitching between the points is just on the fabric. This will be turned under and unseen when you finish.

rick rack turned out.jpgTurn the rick rack toward the outide. In this photo you will notice I have now turned the fabric with the right side down and the raw edge is now on the top with the rick rack pointing out. You will need to press this well before attempting the next step. As you press, gently pull the points out so you will get a sharp crease at the turn line.

raw edge turned under.jpgNow I have turned the fabric right side up and as you see the rick rack points are "floating" and you can not see the stitching. Press well from this side also.

topstitched.jpgThe last step is to top stitch about 1/8" from the edge. The purpose of this stitching is to stitch down the edge that is turned under. And now you have a cute edge with rick rack!!!!